Rhiannon's Story

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Tiny Light Rhiannon is a delightful, enthusiastic six year old who doesn’t
let anything slow her down. She loves colouring, playing ponies, and riding
her bike. She also enjoys her therapeutic riding lessons, playing hide and
seek, and listening to stories at bedtime. Despite her daily struggles,
Rhiannon has demonstrated an incredible ability to adapt and cope with any
challenges she may face, while still maintaining her cheerful demeanor.

When Rhiannon was born, her parents’ tears of happiness and pride quickly
turned to shock and anguish when they realized their daughter wasn’t
breathing. The doctors were able to resuscitate her, but this was only the
beginning of a series of obstacles for her to overcome. Her motor
development is significantly affected and she also has hypotonia, asthma,
eczema, a speech impairment, and difficulties with her social development.
While doctors have determined that Rhiannon has a neurological condition,
she has not yet been diagnosed. Her family is currently awaiting results to
determine whether she fits the criteria for Sotos syndrome, a rare genetic

Not knowing their daughter’s diagnosis has been frustrating for Rhiannon’s
parents but they are relieved that doctors may finally be getting closer to
an answer. They have learned to appreciate even the little achievements and
have an immense amount of pride in what their daughter has accomplished so

Story by Emily Harrison