Abbigail's Story

Images Captured By Annemarie Gruden Photography

Meet Tiny Light Abbigail. This Tiny Light loves playing outdoors and getting dirty in the mud with her brother and four-wheeling with her dad. She always comes back home to mom though and loves to dress up with stylish purses and shoes!

Abbigail is currently battling Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS) - a rare neurological disorder which was caused by neuroblastoma. Opsoclonus refers to a disorder of eye movement where both eyes dart involuntarily. Myoclonus refers to brief muscle jerks and ataxia. Abbigail’s parents had noticed about a month prior to her diagnosis that she had been ‘shaky’ and had strange eye movements. Although her tumor was removed, she constantly suffers from symptoms of OMS and will endure a lifelong battle as there is no cure.

Abbigail’s parent’s state that the hardest part of the journey has been watching their “little girl be robbed of her innocence.” They note, however, that being faced with her diagnosis allowed them to gain perspective. As they say, “We no longer take the small things for granted or experience anything without remembering that one moment that almost took it all away from us.”

For those dealing with similar circumstances, Abbigail’s parents say, “Stay strong and trust your gut! As a parent, your gut and your heart is your best treatment plan guide.”

Story by Stephanie Bond