As a Medical Professional, you have seen that these “Tiny Light” kids are just like your kids, grandkids or the neighbour kids in the sense that they want to laugh and be silly, run outside and play with their friends.  The difference for these kids, as you can understand, is that their childhood has been placed on hold.  Instead of carefree days of toys and games, the hours are filled with appointments, countless tests, needle sticks, rounds of chemotherapy, surgeries and long nights away from home.  The Tiny Light Foundation™ provides a lifetime of memories for these children and their families; Capturing and freezing a moment in time.

The Tiny Light Foundation™ is a Canadian Charity that provides the gift of professional photography to children with life-altering medical conditions, all at absolutely no charge to the families.  Since the idea of photography during this stressful time may not occur to families, TTLF depends on people like you and your staff to share information about this free service. Taking photos is one of the elements to the job but preserving the precious moments is what makes a true passionate photographer.  At times, we can take photography for granted and the gift it offers of freezing time at 1/100th a second. 

The Tiny Light Foundation™ asks that you partner with us in our mission.  When you are faced with a parent or family in this position, please think about The Tiny Light Foundation™ and contact the organization.  Together, we may be able to give the gift of memories to families faced with these difficult times.

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