Leila's Story

Images Captured By End of the Road Photography

Tiny Light Leila loves to swim and be read to. She especially enjoys cuddle time with mom and dad and watching older sister Izzy put on plays.

Leila was born still after a blood clot was detected in the umbilical cord. The hospital team worked to revive her and was successful after twenty-seven minutes. In the days following her birth, her medical team had no definitive answers on what her future would hold. Eventually, her heart muscle repaired itself, along with all of her once failed organs, but over time, Leila began to suffer from small seizures and was not meeting milestones. Leila was subsequently diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy due to oxygen deprivation caused by the clot.

Leila’s parents credit her determination and strength as the most inspiring aspect of their journey, and note that her perseverance was present from day one. They state that “being a parent with a special needs child is … a gift,” and that the amount of support provided by the community has been amazing.

As a message to other families dealing with similar circumstances, Leila’s parents note that, “looking in the future is hard when we have no idea what it holds for our children – believe in your son/daughter and never give up hope that they will achieve what they are able.”

Story by Stephanie Bond