Alejandra's Story

Images Captured by Stephanie Brown Design

Tiny Light Alejandra is just three years old. When her mom, Antonella, was seven months pregnant, she was told that her unborn little girl would be born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She prayed that all the doctors would be wrong. But, as well as the diagnosis of spina bifida and hydrocephalus, Alejandra also had dislocated hips and a clubbed left foot.

Mom is challenged every day by her Tiny Light’s health issues but she loves to watch Alejandra reach her milestones. Alejandra loves having someone read to her and loves watching Toopy and Binoo. Like any three-year-old, she loves to play and dance. Even when Alejandra is feeling a little down, she manages to share a smile with those around her.

As a single parent, mom Antonella says it’s hard doing it alone, but her daughter gives her strength and reminds her of the woman she used to be. She says, “They can grow up to be everything you ever dreamed possible for them.” Taking it day by day and sharing cuddles with her little girl will help Antonella stay focused on their goals and get her through the challenges they face. And she’ll always be surrounded by family and friends who love her.

Written by Valerie Bush