Emma's Story

Images Captured by Portraits by Johanna

Tiny light Emma arrived nearly two years ago, and ever since this very determined bundle of joy has managed every challenge with courage. She adores playing with her big brother Wesley, playing peekaboo, putting things in and out of her purse, talking on Skype and playing doctor.

It was at the 20-week ultrasound that parents Anne and Greg Schnare learned about Emma's chronic heart disease. She was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a double outlet right ventricle, an unbalanced AVSD, a functional single ventricle, small muscular VSD, pulmonary stenosis, subpulmonic stenosis and a systolic murmur audible at the left sternal border. Her parents say they knew they had to give their baby girl a chance to fight and live.

Emma has already endured her first open heart surgery and she’ll need at least one more. These would be traumatic events for anyone, yet this brave little girl continues to amaze everyone with her perseverance. Emma's family isn't sure what the future holds. While they fear losing her one day, they're hoping she’ll live a happy and long life. For now they try to enjoy every day they have with their beautiful little girl.

Story Written by Catherine Urquhart