Keira's Story

Meet Tiny Light Keira. She likes listening to loud music and watching the birds at the bird feeder. She loves chocolate and is very social, finding great joy in going to preschool and spending time with her siblings. When Keira was a baby her parents were uncertain if she’d get the chance to grow to enjoy all these things.

Keira and her twin sister Sarah were born at 25 weeks gestation to a biological mother who’d had no prenatal care and had used drugs and alcohol during pregnancy. As a result, Keira was born with cerebral palsy, brain damage, global development delays and impaired hearing. Keira and Sarah's parents opened their arms to both girls, devoting their time and love to all three of their children.

Despite Keira's diagnosis and difficulties, she’s a very determined girl. If she falls down, she gets right back up. Keira's parents do sometimes fear that people will have trouble understanding her because she’s not able to communicate clearly quite yet, but they say, "Keira has a spark. When people meet her she makes them feel special. We hope that this continues and she is able to spread her spark as she grows."

Story written by Adrianna Tailleur

Images Captured by Andrea Divesser Photography