Ethan's Story

Images Captured by Anastasia Photography

Thirteen-year-old Ethan is a positive and fun-loving person who’s also kind and compassionate. Every day this very social and determined young man amazes his parents and his sister Heidi with his outstanding attitude.

Since being born with spina bifida, Ethan has endured some major challenges, including many surgeries. Because of the nerve damage to his lower body, he’s needed to use orthotics, crutches and, most recently, a wheelchair. But Ethan doesn't let that hold him back! After being home-schooled for years, he’s now joined his peers in high school.

Ethan loves skiing, riding, reading, sword fighting and World War II history. He's also a gifted learner, excelling in both reading and verbal comprehension. He has an amazing ability to relate to both his peers and adults.

For Ethan's parents, Doug and Christie, it’s been difficult watching Ethan deal with surgeries and hospital stays, but they continue to be inspired by his resilience. They hope Ethan will attend post-secondary school and continue to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

Story Written by Catherine Urquhart