Alexandre's Story

Images Captured By MJG Photography

Meet Tiny Light Alexandre. A few months after he was born, Alex's parents noticed that he was struggling with certain tasks, such as turning over or reaching for things. Their fears took them to the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre, where, after many tests, it was discovered that Alex experienced Global Development Delay, had a seizure disorder and microcephaly. Added to his diagnosis later was asthma and allergies to milk, eggs and nuts. His parents were heartbroken and wondered what they had done wrong. Why did their child have to suffer?

Fast forward a few years. Alex is nearly eight years old and loves listening to music, swimming, climbing the stairs, “jogging” with his Dad and riding the bus to school. His mom revealed that it’s important that Alex remain happy and active and that he continue to develop and progress in all aspects of his life. She feels the best advice she can share with other parents is to be patient; your child will constantly amaze you.

Written By Kristi Hall Busque