Chloe's Story

Images captured by LLB Creative

Tiny Light Chloe is a four-year-old little girl who loves to laugh and have tea parties, and who dreams of being a princess. She loves to draw, sing and dance. She has an amazing memory. Looking at Chloe today, you might never know the struggles she encountered when she was born. Within minutes of her birth, the Doctors knew something was wrong, and she was taken to Sick Kids Hospital to undergo emergency life-saving surgery. It was discovered that several of Chloe's organs were fused together, and six days later she was diagnosed with a rare condition called cloacal malformation.

Cloacal Malformation is a condition which affects only girls and involves several organs (bladder, uterus and rectum) being fused together at birth. This condition has required Chloe to grow up very quickly. She has had to learn to understand complex medical terminology and to have a strong awareness of how her body works. Chloe has endured seven invasive surgical procedures, countless hospitalizations, and undergoes eleven medical interventions on a daily basis.

Chloe has incredible strength. She has bounced back from her surgeries, and is now healthy and happy. Chloe's family has worked very hard to ensure that Chloe's daily life is as normal as possible. She attends school alongside her peers, thanks to teachers and staff who are willing to go the extra mile and learn to attend to Chloe's specialized care. 

Even with all the pressure that has been placed on her, Chloe still manages to live life in the moment. She delights in looking at the clouds in the sky, and gets excited when she sees a beautiful flower. She shows everyone around her how to appreciate all the little things in life. Her parents tell us that "Chloe's spirit and appreciation for life is so wonderful to see – she is our little hero."

Written by Angela Reimche