Liam's Story

Images Captured by Rebecca Hall Photography

Tiny Light Liam enjoys music, singing and dance. He also enjoys sports like basketball,
swimming and skiing. Most importantly though, he loves hanging out with his little sister

The day after Liam was born, his doctor sent him for genetic testing due to some indications of Down Syndrome. Seven days later, Liam was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 and a small hole in his heart. News of the diagnosis was devastating for Liam’s family. The first few years were
particularly difficult as Liam suffered from several illnesses that required hospitalization due to having a lower immune system. Mom, Lisa, notes “ is never nice seeing your baby hooked up to tubes and machines.”

Although Liam’s diagnosis of Down Syndrome will never be withdrawn, Liam is currently
doing well, and the hole in his heart has closed. Liam’s parents aim to help him with all of his
goals, whatever they may be, so that Liam can focus on being “...the best person he can be.”
Every milestone Liam hits is celebrated, and the optimism and love surrounding him fuels his
determination to reach the next one.

As a message to other Tiny Light families, Liam’s parents’ state, “each one of our Tiny Lights is unique and they will reach their milestones at different times, but with our love and perseverance they are capable of anything!”

Story by Stephanie Bond