Caleb's Story

Images Captured by Memories By Me

Meet Tiny Light Caleb

Ten-month-old Caleb is a happy little boy with an amazing smile. He loves being on his floor mat, rolling and playing patty-cake. Caleb is very affectionate and enjoys touching people's faces. He also loves to eat!

Following Caleb's 20-week ultrasound, his parents learned their baby might have Down syndrome. Overall risk factors were low, so no other testing was done. Several weeks after his birth, a diagnosis of Down syndrome was confirmed, along with a heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot. Caleb's oxygen levels were below normal; at one point in hospital, he was rushed to a resuscitation room. Caleb’s parents, Kayla and Chris, were taught how to do a life-saving procedure on their son should they have had similar episodes in the future.

In the following months, there were seemingly endless appointments for physiotherapy and occupational therapy, along with trips to the cardiologist. Then, at the age of seven months, Caleb had successful heart surgery in Vancouver.

Now approaching his first birthday, Caleb is surrounded by a loving and supportive family and friends. Kayla and Chris say they couldn't have asked for their son to be anyone but the loving little boy that he is, and they know he will continue to bring joy to many people's lives.


Written by Catherine Urquhart