Logan's Story

Images Captured by Michael K Photo

Meet Tiny Light Logan

Tiny Light Logan was born 15 weeks premature due to an emergency C-section as a result of his mom, Heather, having severe pre-eclampsia. For the following several months, Logan spent several months in the ICU fighting for his life because he was so underdeveloped.

While in the hospital, he had hernia surgery, three urinary tract infections, and influenza, as well as countless other setbacks. He still ate with a feeding tube and had developed Oral Aversion, was weak and tiny, but Logan progressed and four and a half months later, Logan was ready to come home.

Flash forward: several years have now passed and Logan is now celebrating his 6th birthday!  He still has global delays but he is catching up more and more each day. He is now in Kindergarten and loves school. He is active and loves playing with his classmates: running and climbing on the playground.  

Logan still eats by way of feeding tube, but he has proven to be a fighter. He wins new battles every day, from improved verbal and motor skills to tasting more foods on his own. Heather says, "He’s the toughest, smartest little guy around and he’s going to be something special when he grows up!"

All of us at Tiny Light wish Logan a very happy 6th birthday and hope that he had a blast at his party on April 12th. Continue to grow by leaps and bounds!

Written by Valerie Bush