Jaxon's Story

Memories captured by Kirstin Gibson 


Meet Tiny Light Jaxon. This two-year-old lights up the hearts of all who come across him. Jaxon’s parents instantly knew there was something very different about him; he didn’t cry or eat and he was rarely awake for the first year of his life. He missed almost all of the typical milestones and has had to struggle to accomplish all of the things most of us take for granted.

Jaxon has a genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome. This means his paternal 15th chromosome is missing or damaged. It causes many symptoms for him, including constant insatiable hunger and the inability to know when he’s full. He also has limited muscle strength. Because obesity is a major concern for Jaxon, his entire family has had to make a huge healthy lifestyle change.

Jaxon receives extensive physical and speech therapy every week. He loves books, swimming, singing and dancing and loves any animal. He has an unwavering spirit and is always happy. His parents believe Jaxon is a precious gift and his three sisters love him unconditionally. Jaxon is an inspiration to all of them and his condition has brought them closer together as a family.


Written by Valerie Bush