Ryan's Story

Images Captured by Matt Brennan Photography

To view the world from Ryan’s eyes is to look at it with compassion, understanding, and love. This Tiny Light never fails to notice the beauty that surrounds him, taking in the sunsets and sunrises. He is quick to forgive and exudes strength and resilience. Instead of shying away from obstacles, Ryan faces challenges head on. Sports and games top the list for this active 12-year old, especially basketball, road hockey and soccer. Indoors he enjoys board games and video games, but he is also a master sous chef, assisting his mom with meals. 

Ryan was born with a duplicated right kidney and an ureterocell (when the ureter does not implant into the bladder properly and fills with fluid inside the bladder.) When he was just one month old, he underwent surgery to rectify it. After several years of regular visits to BC Children’s Hospital, Ryan’s condition suddenly went downhill. He was rushed to hospital with a severe kidney and bladder infection. Ryan has now had another four procedures, including the removal of half his right kidney. His bladder has become hostile and is creating excessive pressure, resulting in hydronephrosis in both kidneys. “This will eventually lead to kidney failure but miracles happened every day and that is what we hold out for: every good day.” 

Ryan’s journey has been one of hope and courage. While the family faced many hardships in the hospital they did not let it consume them. They looked for the laughter in life amidst the turmoil. “You have absolutely no control over what is happening to your child. There is no way you can take away the pain that they are in.” But they take it day by day; moment by moment. 
This Tiny Light’s mom dreams that “he lives his life as full as is possible.” When she feels less hopeful she thinks of her niece Grace, who has had a kidney transplant, and she is reminded that miracles are possible. 

written by Tara Anderson