Owen's Story

Images Captured By Vanessa Balenovich Photography

Meet Tiny Light Owen. He loves learning new things in school – especially numbers and the ABC’s. He also enjoys being outdoors either playing soccer or just sitting and watching for airplanes to fly by in the sky.

At age two, Owen’s parents had noticed that he was not developing at the same rate as other children his age. that he had great difficulty when communicating, and that he had severe sensory issues. After a consultation with a medical professional, he was diagnosed as Non-Verbal with Moderate to Severe Autism. According to his parents, Owen “...could not communicate [and] he had no pretend play skills.”

Owen has to work extra hard to accomplish simple tasks that come naturally to other children. The determination and progress that he has demonstrated, particularly with his verbal communication skills, inspires his parents every day. As they say, “He has opened up a whole world for our family, we don’t just get through the day, we embrace the day. He inspires [us] every day to be the best [parent], person and advocate for Autism that [we] can be.”

As a message to others, Owen’s parents say that “this road with children with Autism is a hard one, it is a road less travelled for most ... always be optimistic.”

Story by Stephanie Bond