Bronson's Story

Images Captured by Misty Dawson Photography

Meet Tiny Light Bronson.  At just five days old, this tiny light began chemotherapy treatments after being diagnosed with Stage 4S Bilateral Adrenal Neuroblastoma with metastases to the liver.  This type of cancer is so rare that to date, there have only been 45 cases recorded in the world.
When Bronson was seventeen days old, his doctors suggested radiation therapy in order to accelerate the treatment process.  After three days of low dose radiation, Bronson started to demonstrate signs of drastic improvement, but his liver did not recover the way his doctors had hoped and the only treatment option was a liver transplant.  Fortunately, Bronson’s Auntie Sarah Beth was a match and they both underwent a successful liver transplant surgery when he was two-and-a-half months old.
As of today, Bronson is a happy and healthy nine-month-old little boy who loves to crawl around and get into anything and everything he can.  He has proven that he is a fighter, and continues to inspire his family and others with his brave journey.  His parents have received letters from people all over the world offering their support, claiming they have been changed and inspired from Bronson’s story.  His parents consider this to be “... very humbling …” and reflect that their son’s perseverance has taught them that “… even when things are looking grim, there is always hope ... take time to love your family more, and continue to thank God for the gift He has given you.”

Story by Stephanie Bond