Madison's Story

Images Captured by D4 Photography

Meet Tiny Light Madison, a two year old girl with an inspiring smile and a love for singing and dancing.  She loves to spend her time playing with her pet bunny, learning new words, reading with Mommy and Daddy and playing at the park. 
At only nine days of age, Madison was diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (also known as CAH or 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency).  People with CAH are missing an enzyme the adrenal glands use to make cortisol and aldosterone.  Both of these hormones are very important for survival. Cortisol is produced in times of stress; without it, people go into shock very easily.  This is referred to as an Adrenal Crisis.  This condition can be managed but becomes a problem in times of sickness and injury because our bodies would normally produce extra amounts of these hormones. 
Madison’s parents were terrified upon hearing the diagnosis.  They had never heard of CAH, and it all seemed so overwhelming.  “The thought of having to keep up with these medications and not messing them up was so scary. We were scared to tell anybody, we thought nobody would understand.  We were also scared about our daughter's future.”  However, Madison has responded very well to her daily treatments and is thriving.  But as the parents explain, “the hardest part has been the constant fear of Madison getting sick or hurt and having an Adrenal Crisis.  Although she has not had one yet, it is inevitable that one day she will and we always need to be prepared for it.”
The future looks bright for this Tiny Light, as she should be able to lead a healthy, happy life with the help of medication and careful treatment of illness and injury.  As long as she is careful, Madison will be able to accomplish whatever she puts her mind to.  Her parents dream of Madison growing into a very happy, well-rounded person, who goes for what she wants in life.

Story written by Amber Grant