Maxxwell's Story

Images Captured by Jenn Di Spirito Photography

 Tiny Light Maxxwell is definitely a charmer. He knows he’s cute and loves getting attention. If this toddler blows you a kiss, that means he really likes you.

Maxx was diagnosed in utero at 18 weeks with heart defects - atrioventricular septal defect  (large hole between the ventricles and atria) and ventricular septal defect, plus a Mitral Valve leak. Then doctors told his parents Cheryl and Tom the amniocentesis confirmed Down syndrome.

Within the first six months of his life, Maxx had three heart surgeries. He finally got to go home from the hospital at 6 months, the day before Father’s Day. Maxx may require more surgery in the future and his parents aren’t sure how Down syndrome will affect his life long-term. They are finding support in the community through various organizations such as the Langley Down Syndrome Resource Group.

Maxx will be 3 years old in January and he is pretty much like any other toddler. He loves music and he even knows how to sign for his favourite things. When he wakes up and goes to sleep, he’s always asking for cookies and milk. “We hope Maxx is accepted for who he is and we hope there will always be someone around who can love, support and take care of him.”

(The Langley Down Syndrome Resource Group meets 7:15pm the last Monday of every month except July, August and December at Christian Life Assembly on 56th Avenue in Langley.)

Story Written by Elaine Yong