Dillon's Story

Images Captured by Tricia Marie Photography

Meet Tiny Light Dillon.  Dillon loves hanging out with his brother James, playing with his ‘Guys’  (Sesame Street toys), reading, playing hockey and playing with his cars. He has a huge heart and is very affectionate. Dillon is also incredibly strong willed, something that has helped him and everyone around him throughout his journey.

Dillon was born via C-section. His parents were told right away that Dillon has Spina Bifida. They were devastated. Dillon’s first major surgery took place away from home. Doctors and nurses were all optimistic about his recovery. The focus was staying positive and getting Dillon home. They were on the right path.

Throughout multiple surgeries and ongoing tests, casts, poking and prodding, Dillon remains strong.  It is hard for his parents to see him in uncomfortable situations, especially when they upset Dillon. Still, he is a strong resilient boy. He remains unaffected, and has never let a cast slow him down!

Dillon will most likely have walking issues for the rest of his life. He does not have much feeling in his legs/feet from above his ankle to his toes. He has had surgery to release the tendons in his feel, but doesn’t have the motion to lift his feet up and down in the ankle area.  He has close to no bladder/bowel control. His head will always be monitored to make sure his shunt is working.

Dillon’s parents do fear school days. They wish that Dillon will always be included and that he will have the confidence to be able to deal with anyone that may come along and point out his differences. Dillon has taught his family that things don’t have to be picture perfect. Surely he will teach this same lesson at school and beyond!

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst