Meet tiny light Logan

Images Captured by Mercedes Leung Photography

From the moment he was born, Tiny Light Logan has been surprising everyone with his achievements. He wasn’t supposed to survive yet he has thrived. He wasn’t supposed to see yet he does. He wasn’t supposed to walk yet it’s now impossible to slow him down. This determined boy has shown everyone how each moment is so precious.

At 8 months of pregnancy, parents Renee and Alan found out their baby’s brain never fully developed in utero. Doctors urged them to terminate because they did not think the child would survive long after birth.  The family decided not to listen to that advice. Logan was born with a number of medical challenges, including a growth hormone deficiency called panhypopituitarism. He also had hydrocephalus – a buildup of fluid in the skull – and he was blind at birth.

Logan is now 12 years old and succeeding at school. He has mental and physical challenges, but he never gives up.  “He goes through his surgeries with such strength and hope. It teaches us such important lessons about life.” Logan also brings so much laughter to his family with his wicked sense of humour. This funny guy loves to use his imagination to play pretend, spend time outdoors and help out with chores.

The future is a great worry for Logan’s mom and dad. They hope their son leads a full life surrounded by happiness. Already, this Tiny Light is doing just that, one small success at a time.

Written by Elaine Yong