Anthony's Story

Images Captured by Gabi Moller photography

There is only positive energy allowed in Tiny Light Anthony’s life. His family has even adopted an uplifting motto - “good times are coming one day at a time”. 

After a normal pregnancy and delivery, at just 3 days old, Anthony had a 7 minute long seizure. His parents were devastated to find out their first child had suffered a stroke in utero. Even now, doctors still aren’t sure of a diagnosis or what the long-term future holds. 

Anthony has developmental delays affecting several parts of his body. He has a form of Cerebral Palsy, which means he can’t walk, sit or crawl without support. He needs to be tube fed through his stomach. His vision is impaired and he is non-verbal. Anthony is on a cocktail of medication to control epileptic seizures. 

Through it all, this lovable 5-year old can’t get enough hugs and kisses. He makes friends everywhere he goes. He has taught his family so much about compassion and unconditional love. “My little man NEVER gives up on life…so how dare I give up on him?” 

His parents are committed to giving their beautiful boy the best life possible. The family home has been remodeled to make it wheelchair friendly, including an elevator at the side of the house. “Anthony is here for a reason. We might not know why this tragedy happened or why he is here, but his story is not finished yet and is still continuing.”

Story By Elaine Yong