Say hello to Cash

Images Captured by Indi Claire Photography

Spunky, sweet and goofy.  Three words that describe this Tiny Light with the effervescent smile, and charming personality.

You'd never guess it, but at only 6 months old, this happy-go-lucky little man, Cash, has been through more than most people 10 times his age.  You see, Cash was born with Port Wine Stain, a condition that creates a reddish birthmark to cover the skin that can turn into nodules, cause seizures and even mental disabilities.  Cash also struggles with Congenital Glaucoma in his left eye, that has left him with a tube in his eye, in an effort to stave off blindness.  He endures regular MRI's, Doctors visits and laser treatments, as a part of his daily life.  But you'd never guess it, by looking at him.

Jami and Darcy, Cash's parents, describe their little man as the love of their lives, saying that Cash has always been a happy, bouncing little boy.  One look at this little family, and that statement can clearly be seen.  Cash loves snuggling into his mommy, and uses his terrific sense of humour to get a laugh out of his daddy.   Wherever Cash is, smiles are sure to follow.   His presence lights up the hearts of those around him, which truly makes him a Tiny Light.   Cash hasn't had the easiest life, and will, most certainly, have many more bumps in the road.  But, with the fierce, and palpable love of his parents, support from his wonderful family, and his sweet personality; one can plainly see that he will handle those bumps with the heart, strength and courage that only a Tiny Light can. 

Story written by Samaria Kapcsos