Nicolas' Story

Images Captured By Studio 9 Photographics

This is Nicholas.  He loves playing with the computer, reading books, and he loves cars.  He is an inspiration to his family and those who know him.He has taught them that “hope is everywhere every day.”

Nicholas has been diagnosed with Developmental Delay, Seizures and Hypotonic (meaning that he has very low muscle tone, and is not strong enough to participate in regular activities).  It was discovered that he has low muscle tone after he was born, but at that time, the enormous affects were not known.  The full diagnosis came at six months old.  His parents were in disbelief that there was something wrong with their sweet baby.

Nicolas spent so much time in the hospitals that close relationships
with many doctors and nurses were made.  At seven years old, the family was able to be home for Christmas for the first time.  Now, with the help of specialized professionals, their lives are functioning normally.  Nicholas is a happy boy who is always smiling.  His seizures are under control with two medications that he is taking for this condition.

Nicholas’ parents have a wish for him; to continue to develop and
progress.  They worry about his future, and they worry about who will take care of him when they are gone.  For now they are taking things one day at a time, doing all they can to help Nicholas’ conditions.  Their excitement continues with every goal or improvement he attains, regardless of how big or small it is!  Progress is progress.

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst