Meet Adam

Images captured by End Of The Road Photography

Meet Adam. In only two short years this Tiny Light has already taught his parents so many things. They’ve learned to trust in God, to ask for and accept help, and that no matter how hard things get, the world keeps on turning.

When Adam was born seven weeks early, they knew right away something wasn’t right. Five days later they were given the diagnosis and they struggled to deal with the news and the many emotions attached to it. Their baby had Down Syndrome and they were in a fog of confusion for the next few weeks as Adam started his life in the NICU. 

Looking back his mom wishes things could have been different. That acceptance could have come faster. "I feel a bit sad that Adam’s first two years are over. Sad that I didn't enjoy his babyhood as much as I should have. Sad that I wasted way too many tears, and hours and weeks of worry... when I could have replaced those tears and worry with love. Simple PURE and beautiful LOVE. “

Adam gives the best smiles. He loves to wave and wave and wave. He also loves to clean up. Anything and everything goes in the garbage:  his Daddy’s wallet, Mommy’s keys or his big sister’s camera! 

“We know that our little man came to complete our family. We love him with all that we have. We look forward to teaching him... and even more importantly learning from him."

Today they are looking forward to all the excitement and challenges that their future holds. Their greatest hope for ALL their children is their happiness. Their greatest goal is to do right by them.

 Story by Sue Renaud