Meet Madison!

Images Captured by Stephanie Fieldberg Photography

This is Madison.  Madison loves Max and Ruby.  She loves to stack paper and spin shoes.  Madison also loves ice cream.  Madison has Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She has seizures, thyroid issues, and has had Atrial Septal Canal Defect with holes in her heart, which required corrective surgery when she was just three months old.

It was not until after she was born that Madison’s parents were hit with the news that their baby had Down Syndrome.  Before this news could even sink in, she was sent to another hospital to confirm her life-threatening heart condition.  “It was a rollercoaster of emotion.”

The diagnosis of Autism is a new one for Madison.  Eleven years later, her parents feel that this diagnosis helps them to understand why Madison does the things she does.  They have taken the Autism diagnosis and are now moving forward, making things work for Madison instead of against her.  Madison’s speech is limited, so there is hope that her communication skills will improve with the help of therapy.  She is a happy girl, and no matter what in life is thrown at her, she keeps laughing and finding the joy in the small things.  Who wouldn’t be inspired by this!?

Madison’s parents do worry that she will not move past the level she is at now.  “Part of learning about life is learning how to keep going…even when times get tough.”  And it has been tough for this family!  But there have been many positives, such as learning the joy and laughter that a child with Down Syndrome can bring into your life.  “There is nothing like a hug from Madison.  She puts all of her heart into it!”

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst