Meet Camryn

Images Captured by Cindy Moleski Photography Studio

Meet Camryn. She is only two, but holds a pencil like an artist (or so her mom thinks!). She loves music and dancing. She makes people laugh and is always hugging. “She is just an inspiration of her own!”

At 17 months old Camryn was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea as well as overly large tonsils and adenoids. There have been several other diagnoses along Camryn’s journey that have gradually gone away. Because of the severe sleep apnea, Camryn has developmental delays. Her parents felt relief at the diagnosis because Camryn had been ill for so long and had already gone through so much testing. They finally had answers and could move forward.

After surgery, Camryn’s improvements were amazing. Knowing what they were dealing with meant knowing how to help her developmentally. Camryn’s journey has been hardest on her wonderful big sister Jordyn, who was only four when Camryn was born. Because Camryn was ill, this meant a lot of attention on her and not a lot left for Jordyn, who ended up with separation anxiety.

Camryn’s parents learned a valuable lesson and encourage other parents with multiple children to not push other children aside to focus on one child’s illness. They also recommend building a support system of family, friends, and others going through similar situations. From here they see Camryn’s developmental journey only going uphill! While her mother worries that she will be behind in school, she hopes that what Camryn has been through will make her a stronger person. “She is a strong-willed girl who is ready for the world!”

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst