Khol's Story

Images Captured by Kim Mallory Photographic

Meet Khol.  He loves cars, trucks, airplanes and trains.  He is obsessed with any vehicle!  He is happiest outside, and loves his bedtime stories and playing with his friends and extended family.  Khol also loves his baby brother. 

Khol has Congenital Heart Defects with complications.  These complications lead to many diagnoses, but, simply put, means that Khol’s heart is on the right side of his body, he only has one functioning pumping chamber, his main arteries are backwards, and the artery that brings oxygen from his heart to the lungs was totally blocked at birth.  These complications were seen during a prenatal ultrasound.  Khol had open-heart surgery at three days old.  His second surgery was at five months, and he is currently awaiting a third surgery, which will be late this year.  

Khol’s journey has been a difficult one.  His parents take great joy in seeing him laugh and play, as this is something that they were unsure they would ever get to see him do.  “After everything he has been through, he still laughs every day, smiles, and plays like crazy!”  His surgeries are considered palliative because his heart cannot be fixed.  His parents hope that with ongoing medical research, Khol will have the opportunity to live a long, healthy life. 

Khol’s Mom co-manages a support group for the Moms of children of CHDs.  Through this, Khol’s family gained a large on-line support group in addition to the amazing support of family and friends.  “Khol is my CHD Warrior, my Heart Hero!” 

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst