The Beautiful Hannah

Images Captured by Annie Sullivan Photography

Meet Hannah.  When she laughs or smiles, it will warm your heart.  She loves people, and people love her just as much.  Bubbles are her favourite, as well as playing with her barbies, playing the drums, and throwing a ball around.  She also loves to play with her sister, and she enjoys going on all of the rides at the Theme Park!
Hannah was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was four years old.  Along with that, she also has hearing loss in both ears and an eye condition called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH).  She is both physically and educationally challenged. Hannah is non-verbal, so she uses sign language to communicate - she knows five signs so far.  Hannah's cerebellum is also smaller than other children her age.  Because of this, she has difficulty processing the signals that enable smooth and coordinated movements.  This is why Hannah needs therapy to help her to learn to do the things that most children do naturally.  She has just learned how to walk with the assistance of two adults on each side - very exciting!
For her parents, the realization of Hannah's diagnosis came over time.  This was very hard for them.  When she was two, they thought she would walk right away with weekly therapy.  It took time for them to understand that Hannah was a special needs child and that this was going to be a lifetime struggle for their daughter.  They also struggle financially, trying to buy all of the things that Hannah needs in her everyday life.Hannah has taught her parents lessons that would never have been learned had she not been in their lives.  They do not know what the future holds, so they make the most of everyday with Hannah.  
Her mom says, "If Hannah can get up every morning and smile, then so can I.  Hannah is our amazing angel, and we love her so much."

Story written by Billie Depatie