Keenan's Story

Images Captured by BrandOne Studios

Meet Keenan, a tiny light who loves music, baths, and skyping with his grandparents. He loves to bum-scoot into his sisters’ room before they notice him and he loves to wave and say “bye-bye.” He is a strong and happy little boy. His face lights up when he is praised and he brings so much joy to his family.  
Keenan has Atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD) and Trisomy 21. The right side of his heart is enlarged and it has a leaky valve. When his parents received his diagnosis at 35 weeks gestation, they were shocked, angry and sad. They grieved for the loss of the healthy little boy they were anticipating. They were devastated but they had hope for his future.  

Keenan’s mom was raised with special needs foster children from the time she was five years old. One of these children with Down Syndrome had the same surgery that Keenan needed and her surgery did not go well. Knowing the reality of the complications made things very scary for Keenan’s mom. It was over 20 years in between the surgeries and coincidentally it was the same doctor performing the surgery. The surgeon that started out with a child her parent adopted was finishing his career with Keenan’s surgery. Keenan’s parents prayed everything would go smoothly and it did. Everything went well; his body is coping and they aren’t expecting a need for further surgeries. 

He is such a special loving boy who has brought so much laughter to his home. His parents have many fears for the future: that he will need another operation, that he will face cruelty from other children once he starts school, or that he will have to face any of the many health issues that come from having Down sydrome. They are, however, confident that his future holds much love and support from his family. He'll have his Mommy, Daddy, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins supporting him and loving him. They hope his future is a healthy one and pray that they will give him all the knowledge and support to lead a happy, independent life. They also hope he can pick up a sport that he enjoys and can be part of the Special Olympics. After all, he does roll a pretty mean ball!!