Meet Teejay

Images Captured by Photography by Eiko

Preferring to forgo prenatal testing, Teejay’s parents were unprepared to learn upon his 
birth that their baby boy had Down syndrome. But the shock of the diagnosis was momentary and from that day on they have “done nothing but enjoy every day with our son.” And what special days they have been! 
Life with Teejay is full of love and giggles. “He has a smile that will light up any room.”  They love watching Teejay grow and develop into his own little person. There is no stopping this little man, who loves to motor around the house. Cuddling has its precautions, for Teejay will lure you in “usually just to be able to grab a hold of 
your hair and yank!” And watch out during bath time, for Teejay “loves to splash and get whoever is bathing him just soaked.” 

Teejay’s parents want what every parent wants for their child: a full, vibrant life. They want him to experience 
everything life has to offer. “We will push him to succeed in everything possible.” It is inspiring to watch this strong and determined boy conquer new things. Even though some tasks may take a little longer Teejay loves to do things “on his own in his own way.” The uncertainty is the worst part of Teejay’s condition. “Not knowing how the future is going to be and how things will work out.” They worry about how Teejay will be received by others, and possible health complications. But instead of focusing on the uncertainties they have chose to concentrate on what is before them: “The sweetest little man that anyone could ever ask for!” They cherish each and every moment with their little boy and take everything day by day.