Paxton's Story

Images Captured By Photography by Eiko

There is nothing worst for parent then watching their child struggle for life and being helpless. This is what Paxton’s parents had to endure for the first four months of their baby boy’s life. Born by emergency caesarean at 27 weeks, Paxton had a prolapsed cord and was deprived of oxygen for twelve minutes. In a matter of days his diagnosis advanced from a bleed on the brain into hydrocephalus. In his little life he has endured four brain surgeries and one hernia repair. All the brain surgeries were failures, with the exception of the last. With all their options being exhausted, save for one, Paxton went in for a successful shunt surgery. At last they were able to bring their little fighter home on February twenty seventh.

Unfortunately the battle is not over as Hydrocephalus is a life long condition, and the patient is treated rather then cured. It has been excruciating watching their baby boy suffer and being away from their seven year old. But Paxton amazes his parents with his bright disposition. Despite all that he has endured he is still a happy baby. His parents hope that Paxton will grow up and live a normal life with as little complications as possible. For now they are trusting in the doctors for they know that while “it is a long hard journey it does get better.”
Story by: Adelle Munk