Kaylie's Story

Kaylie was diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia at the tender age of 8 months.  Kaylie's mom took her to the doctor and what seemed like cold like symptoms ended up looking like a heart murmur.  From seeing one doctor to another, Kaylie's mom was very certain it was nothing.  After a long day at Children's they were sat down for the bad news. 

Kaylie surviving birth, let alone the first 8 months of her life was nothing short of a miracle.   It was discovered that Kaylie had no lower pulmonary artery.  After time, tests and many appointments with specialists, and a plea from Kaylie's mother that this be done before her birthday, she was booked for surgery.  Packing for one of the  hardest day's of their life was difficult.  Not knowing if they were going to be bringing their daughter back.  This was the longest amount of time that Kaylie had been away from her mom.  'I was allowed to see her but not allowed to hold her for a couple of days; Those were the hardest days'.

After ten long days Kaylie was allowed to go home.   Kaylie's mom re calls the excitement when Kaylie seen her puppy for the first time since the surgery.

Kaylie does have more surgeries in her future. She is now a very happy and active two year old. And a wonderful big sister to her baby brother, Riley.   
Photo courtesy Melissa DePape Photography