Our first Tiny Light and inspiration for this Foundation ~ Nevaeh

Nevaeh is our first Tiny Light.  She is also Melissa's daughter.
She is the reason for this mission. 
During a routine ultra sound when Nevaeh was only 18 weeks gestation some “soft marker” were seen.  From that day on our lives have never been the same.  At birth she was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 which is also known as Downs Syndrome.  She was also diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)  This is a hole in between her right and left chamber in her heart.  All the doctors were hoping the holes would heal on their own, but sadly they did not, and Nevaeh went into heart failure.  She was booked for surgery at 6 months old.  She weighted only 10lbs.  
Today Nevaeh is a healthy 2 year old.  She lights up the room with her smile and her zest for life.  She loves her sister and her many friends.  She loves to read books, and listen to music.  She is very smart and knows many signs as well as spoken words.  
This little girl has forever made her family's life better! 

Photo courtesy Melissa DePape Photography