Cheyenne's Story

Cheyenne was diagnosed with ASD ( Atrial Septal Defect) while still in the womb, what this means is she had a hole in heart between the 2 chambers of her heart, causing blood to continusly run through and make her body work twice as hard just to keep up.
Cheyenne lost a total of 2.5pounds inside the womb at 35 weeks, They had a choice to make.
Keep her in and go full term and risking the weight she had left, OR induce and savor the weight she has. They made the choice to be induced. She was born 1 month early, weighing in 3 lbs 5 oz. She was a tiny bundle of joy that made her parents heart tingle and feel warm when they saw her.  Throughout her first year of life she spent a lot of time at the hospital. Cheyenne was 15 months old when she received open heart surgery.

Cheyenne now is a wonderful 3 year old with a heart of gold,  her smile makes her parents glow  knowing she’s 1 happy girl, loving life. She will be a big sister this upcoming August and she’s very excited.
As for her heart condition she has a leaking valve due to her first surgery, so this means she will need surgery again. Her family thanks god and the doctors who have helped Cheyenne with her struggle. She is their tiny light, with such a big heart and lots of love to share.
Photo courtesy of Billie Depatie - D4 Photography