Carter's Story

Carter is a happy, and now thanks to successful treatment that worked for him,  healthy 6 year old boy.  Carter's journey with Autism began before his second birthday.  His parents knew long before diagnosis.  When their suspicions were confirmed they were heart broken and saddened.  Frustrated with no real answers, they began researching on their own after learning about Bio-Medical treatment.  For Carter this was a major turning point.  Carter's health issues required him to have blood tests every 12 weeks as detoxification made him very sick.  To watch Carter through these times of pain and discomfort has been very difficult.  

While this family's journey has been a painful one, it has also taught them a lot.  These lessons were not only about Carter. "I didn't know how strong I was.  I had no idea how hard I could fight until I had to fight for him."  "Everything about Carter inspires me.  He has so much heart.  He knows he is different, yet he is so comfortable in his own skin.  I love that."

While one doctor had suggested that Carter may never talk, he is now a happy 6 year old boy that talks all the time.  Carter enjoys horse back riding, swimming and video games.  He is in first grade and enjoys time with his friends.  Carter has an amazing sense of humor, and strives to make other people laugh.  Like all parents, Skye and Marina worry for Carter.  His support system just grew by one more, and he has now two adorable little brothers.  His mother's wish for him; " I want Carter to be happy, healthy and surrounded by people who love him.  Just like he is now, I want that for him everyday."
Photo courtesy Melissa DePape Photography