Carter's Story

This is Carter.  Carter was two when he was diagnosed with Autism.  Carter’s mom and dad remember “We were fully expecting the diagnoses, just from all the symptoms he had, but it still hit us like a ton of bricks when it became official”.

While Carter’s journey is a lot of work. His family sees a very bright future for him.  “He’ll have to work incredibly hard for it, but I see it.”  They hope he will live independently, go to college, hold down a job and have his own family.  “But mostly we hope he is happy”. 

One important thing Carter’s family can share is  “ ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’.  Let your voice be heard and make sure you get all the help & services your child deserves.”
Carter has come so far from his first diagnosis.  He has achieved so much.  When he looks at his parents and smiles, his hugs and kisses are all qualities that inspire his family.  “He’s a brilliant little man, he just needs to work a little harder then everyone else to show it.”

Carter’s mom and dad feel so blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful support team – “from family to all of Carter’s Therapists and BI’s. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without them”.

Carter will be 5 in July.  He has a big sister whom he adores. “Even though they fight like brothers and sisters should, he’s super excited to see her after school and always welcomes her with a huge hug!” say’s mom.   
Carter enjoys many things, some which include dancing, singing, computer games, going to school, and visiting with Grama and Papa.  He also loves “Wipeout” the TV show.  Carter will set up his living room into his own obstacle course and practices his wipeouts.

“Carter has been the most amazing thing about this journey, that’s for sure.  He’s worked so hard to get where he is…”

Photo courtesy of Jag Nagra - Page 84 Photography and Design