Audrey's Story

This is Tiny Light Audrey.  Audrey is a very independent 15 month old.  She loves music and dancing and is calmed by a song.  Audrey has Septo Optic Dysplasia.  She was diagnosed at 6 weeks old. This condition effects the pituitary gland as well as the optic nerve. It requires medication twice a day including an injection at night, physical exercises to aid development and vision exercises to help develop and stimulate vision. 

Shortly after she was born, Audrey was not maintaining a normal body temperature and had low blood sugar.  Around 6 weeks Audrey was rushed to the hospital. She was rapidly moving her head back and forth and her eyes were shaking. Doctors were concerned she was having seizures. Lucky, the doctor that gave Audrey's diagnoses had just read an article on Audrey's condition and knew what to test her for.  
While the future of Audrey's vision is uncertain, she is currently meeting all developmental milestone's. She is responding well to her medication and a recent vision assessment did show an improvement. Audrey's parents hope that she will never feel limited due to her low vision. This experience has taught them patience, determination and dedication. While Audrey may never drive a car, but feel that anything else is up to her and all they want for her is the choice to do whatever she wants to do in life.
Photo courtesy of Oliver Rathonyi - Reusz of Inview Images