Carter L's Story

This is Carter. He just celebrated his 5th birthday! Happy Birthday little man. Carter loves snowmobiles, and everything about them. Also dressing up in the gear too! Lego is another favorite, he loves to build things with his dad. His favorite movie is Cars! And he just adores playing with his cousins....they can be found playing outside most of the time. We can’t forget singing, he loves to sing, and recently sang at his local church’s Christmas play!

Carter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the tender age of 19 months. Cystic Fibrosis is the most common fatal, inherited disease affecting children and young adults in Canada. His growth was very slow and his parents thought it was just a phase...he was just a little guy...everything was fine. They knew it was serious but had no idea how serious. They spent the next few weeks crying and researching this disease. The isolation and worry has been the most difficult part. Carter has to stay in good health, often the common cold can make him vulnerable to lung infection, lung damage and time at the hospital. So they have to be very careful when with other children. When he is feeling good Carter still takes 20 pills a day. Through this journey they have met amazing people, supporting them with everything. Their Great Strides Walk for CF team "Carter's Crew" has raised almost $55,000towards a cure since 2008! Wow! They are very grateful to have formed many close friendships with other parents fighting the same battle with their children. It may seem at first like your world has ended. But there is a HUGE support system out there. His mother says get involved, raise awareness. One day there will be a cure. 
Carter inspires his parents everyday. He never complains about his treatments, or feels sorry for himself.  He takes it all in stride and keeps a happy, easy-going attitude in everything he does. As Carter gets older, he will have more difficulties and struggles. But his parents are hopeful there will one day be a cure or a effective control for his CF. “We know that God has a plan for our son's life even if we don't always understand it”

Photo Courtesy of Billie Depatie - D4 Photography