Brynn's Story

This story is to pay tribute to our sweet Tiny Light Brynn. She left this world peacefully on March 28, in her Mama’s arms. She is a reminder to us all that someone so small can touch our lives in such a big way. The amount of time we have them for plays no part in it. Amazing people are just amazing people.
At 24 weeks gestation, Brynn’s parents were told that their baby had atrioventricular septal defect. There were two holes in her heart. Later that week it was confirmed that she also had Down syndrome. Later in the pregnancy it was discovered that there was a coarctation of the aorta, meaning heart surgery in the first week of this baby’s life.  At four days old and weighing only 5 lb 13 oz, baby Brynn underwent a long and complicated open-heart surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa. This was followed by a high risk open-heart surgery at Sick Kids in Toronto at five months. Brynn’s strength and determination showed as she recovered faster and better than anyone had expected.
While Brynn’s life was short, her family cherishes every moment that they had with her. Brynn loved to be cuddled. While she never left the hospital, her loving parents got to watch her develop. She cut teeth and was trying to roll over. Her big brother would visit. She loved listening to him sing to her. While not everyone had a chance to meet Brynn, those that were fortunate enough to be in her life loved her.
Two weeks before her passing, Brynn was expected to be on her way home. Equipment had been set up and her discharge was being carefully planned. Her parents stress to every single other parent to cherish every moment with your child. Life is too short. They are now confident that she is being cuddled by three of her grandparents and her great aunt. She is also side by side with Robbie, her first boyfriend. Robbie also put up a great fight at CHEO.
Brynn’s parents fear for their three-year-old, Dean. They now face the difficult task of explaining to this young man that his baby sister won’t be coming home from the hospital after all.  Dean has been a saving grace through this difficult time giving his parents a reason to keep on laughing.
Brynn’s family, friends, and the Tiny Light team are all so proud of the fight that Brynn put up.  She was simply too tired to go on. She will always be remembered. A family photo shoot is scheduled for June to pay tribute to Brynn. She would have celebrated her first birthday in June.