Rylan's Story

Images captured by Gabi Moeller Photography

This Tiny Light is four-year-old Rylan.  He loves swimming, music, his tricycle, and the big red swing at the park! Rylan is young, but his love, sweetness, and determination to keep on trying are an inspiration to all around him, especially to his parents.
Rylan has septo optic dyplasia. He is blind and has hypopituatism. Rylan takes medication daily along with an injection every night. These replace his cortisol, thyroid, and growth hormones. While he is okay taking medication, Rylan dreads his nightly injection.
Rylan was diagnosed at only two days old. Shocked, his parents went through a period of sadness for Rylan and for themselves. They then decided to work to make people understand that while Rylan has a disability, his abilities should be recognized and he should not be pitied or felt sorry for. He should be loved just as he is.
Rylan is easily overwhelmed and has a hard time with a lot of people. He has to work on adjusting to new situations. Seeing his accomplishments to date give his parents hope. They hope that he will be an independent adult. “‘Someday’ is everything.You always worry about your kids whether they have a disability or not.”