Gwenna's Story

Photos courtesy of See and Believe

Meet Gwenna. This “little love bug” will celebrate her 2nd birthday in March 2011. She is a daredevil with a heart of gold and loves to be active. Running, jumping, dancing, and singing are just a few of her favorite things to be doing. She is an infectiously happy and cheerful Tiny Light, and is always trying to be a great help to those around her. 
Gwenna was diagnosed at birth with Right-sided Microtia with
Atresia (RMA), and Hemifacial Microsoma (HFM). This means that she has a small, peanut shaped ear and no ear canal on the right side. The right side of her face is slightly smaller than the left. This diagnosis was met with shock and confusion by her parents and they were left with the worry that Gwenna couldn’t hear them at all. They feared she would never hear them tell her how much they loved her, or know where they were when she couldn’t see them. It took nearly three months before they were given all of the information on her diagnosis so they could fully understand her condition and what it entailed.  
Gwenna currently must have her hearing tested every six months.. Caution will have to be exercised to protect her hearing on the left side. She will have to listen using her left ear and may have to undergo reconstructive surgery on her ear and jaw when she is older. Her parents have decided to give her the choice once she old enough to make that decision herself. 
At every turn, Gwenna continues to develop ahead of expectations.
Her parents express heartfelt gratitude for the perfect little daughter they have been blessed with. With her sunny disposition, “most people do not see her ears past her smile.”.Her parents’ hopes and dreams for her are that “she will show everyone else what a fantastic person she is, and that she truly loves herself, every part.” This strong, amazing little girl will definitely make her mark in the world, that’s for sure.