Savanna & Kaylee's Story

Images Captured By Rebecca Sehn Portrait Artist

Meet Tiny Light twins Savanna and Kaylee. These sisters love going to preschool and taking part in therapeutic horseback rides. They especially love to have fun with big brother Ryder and mom and dad.

The twins were born three and a half months premature and only weighed two pounds each. Both Savanna and Kaylee suffered interventricular brain hemorrhages and white matter brain damage, resulting in cerebral palsy. Savanna has been more severely affected as she is unable to walk, has hip dysplasia and requires two surgeries.  It is difficult for her to sit unaided for an extended period of time. Kaylee required heart surgery at three weeks old and will require one more surgery in the new year.

Mom Nicky notes that it was heartbreaking to hear the girls’ diagnoses and the challenges that they would face. She credits Savanna and Kaylee’s “hard work, dedication, happiness and joy” as the most inspiring part of their journey.

Although the road ahead will present difficulties, Savanna and Kaylee have already overcome so many obstacles by participating in alternative therapies. Savanna is currently able to use a walker and Kaylee is participating in physiotherapy. Nicky acknowledges that their progress from birth has been “unthinkable” given the circumstances and attributes a great deal of their success to alternative therapies including horseback riding. As she says, “There are many alternative therapies out there that really do help, don’t give up searching.”

Story by Stephanie Bond