Kathryn's Story

Images Captured by Jennifer Gilbert Photography


Ten year old Kathryn is a bright little girl who loves school and her seven year old brother Geoff. Her favorite things to do include playing with friends, piano lessons and swimming.

It's been nearly five years since Kathryn's family received the devastating news that she had stage four neuroblastoma. A year of intense treatment followed, including surgeries, chemotherapy, two stem cell transplants and 12 rounds of radiation. For 17 months she was in remission, until the cancer returned in September 2010.

Now, after 24 rounds of chemo there's no evidence of the disease. Despite that Kathryn underwent 10 rounds of radiation on two lesion sites. Also, she completed the immunotherapy protocol to help ensure the cancer doesn't return.

Kathryn's parents admit they sometimes fear they will lose her. But for the most part they focus on the positive, and pray that Kathryn will get all the happiness that life has to offer, like getting married and having kids. And for now they celebrate each day as a gift and live life to the fullest.

Story written by Catherine Urquhart