Kaylee's Story

Images Captured by Kristy McLeod Photography

Meet Tiny Light Kaylee, a spunky and bright five-year-old who is full of life and who loves with her whole heart. Kaylee enjoys music. She participates in a dance class and sings many songs from the radio. One of her favourite pastimes is baking with Mommy. Kaylee is a whiz with computers and computer games (iPod, iPad and Leapfrog). She’s also the toughest person her parents, Patricia and Barry, know.

On March 7, 2012, Kaylee crawled into bed with her mom for a morning snuggle. She had an odd rash on her wrists. The family doctor sent her for blood work and the next day they were rushed to the hospital. The diagnosis was aplastic anemia, a rare blood disease that causes bone marrow failure.

Since then Kaylee has had numerous surgeries, biopsies and weekly transfusions of blood and blood products. She has also done two rounds of immunosuppressive drug therapies. Depending on her health, she may need a bone marrow transplant. It took Kaylee a while to get used to the doctors and nurses and all the medical procedures.

Patricia says, “We just keep urging her on and asking her to be brave. She never gives up and just does what she needs to do next.” Despite all the procedures she’s been through, she keeps fighting and stays happy.

Story Written by Lori McLellan