Jamieson & Simone Stories

Images Captured by Theresa Brereton Photography

Michelle and Joseph have not one, but two Tiny Lights.

Tiny Light Jamieson was diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was born seven years ago. The family knew that the likelihood of her having Down’s was very high; however, they were still shocked when she was born and it was confirmed. Jamieson works very hard at speech therapy and sees herself like any other kid. She loves swimming, gymnastics, reading, riding her bike and Brownies.

Tiny Light Simone had a stroke at birth and, as a result, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She was also just recently diagnosed with a seizure disorder, which is the result of her stroke. Simone has trouble climbing, running and playing like other kids but she still does it all. At four years old, she has great resilience, strength and determination. She loves swimming, dancing, drawing, playing with her “babies” and playing at the park.

The family has learned so much about themselves through this journey. They hope both of their children find happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Mom Michelle says they’ve overcome their family’s obstacles by “having faith in the good people” and by surrounding themselves with people who love them. Mom and Dad, along with Jamieson and Simone’s other brother and sister, are very proud of them and they all try to remain focused on living in the moment.

Written by Valerie Bush