Julia's Story

Images Captured by Kristy Macleod Photography

Tiny Light Julia is a special, loving girl who was just 23 months old when she was diagnosed with autism. After developing normally until 15 months, Mom immediately knew something was wrong when Julia started to regress and lose skills. With a lot of help from Early Intervention, she has made great strides, and now amazes her Mom daily with the things she can do. Although she is unable to speak and initially had frustrations trying to communicate, now, at six years old, Julia has learned to use special pictures (pictures exchange system) and her big, beautiful smile to do so!

Julia lives with her Mom and big sister Petra. She enjoys going to the park, dancing and listening to music. She even loves going to school, where she is blossoming. Her mother describes her as “a precious angel who has taught me a lot about life.” Julia has helped her family to appreciate what is important in life, and take nothing for granted.

Julia and her family participate in Autism Awareness Day to increase understanding of this disease. Mom hopes that increased awareness will help others to be more sensitive to those with autism. Big sister Petra participates in the festivities as well, speaking about how important her sister is to her, and how her “actions speak louder than words.” With her family’s unwavering support, tiny light Julia undoubtedly has a very bright future!

Story Written by Ardis Fisch