Jarome's Story

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Images Captured By Cindy Moleski Photography

After having three daughters, Tiny Light Jarome was a delightful addition to his mother’s life. 

Since she was 38 when she had him, Jarome had been tested for abnormalities while in the womb and she was told that her son was fine.  After birth, he joined his elated family at home.

It was after a serious illness at three months and at the insistence of his mother that doctors finally tested Jarome for Down syndrome a second time. His mother was devastated to learn that he had tested positive.  What followed was a difficult period for the family.  After grappling with alcoholism, Jarome’s mother achieved sobriety and she credits her son as instrumental in her recovery.  With unique understanding, he brings her the AA book on days that he sees his mother struggling.

Today, Tiny Light Jarome is in school full time and enjoys Spiderman, Toopy & Binoo, coloring and playing with his dog Ace.  He is loving and sweet and loves to give hugs and make his family laugh.  He doesn’t speak in full sentences but he makes himself understood!  Jarome’s mother says, “Every day I thank God for Jarome, I am so lucky to have him in my life!”

written by Angela Funk