Haley's Story

Six-year -old Kaley is a happy little girl who likes music, books, her dollies and, perhaps best of all, this Tiny Light loves playing with her twin sister, Keira. When Kaley arrived, her parents learned that she had Down Syndrome and severe heart defects. At two months, she fought through her first open heart surgery. Then, at just four months, she had a heart block and needed a pace maker. By age one-and-a-half, Kaley underwent her second open heart surgery. It was during that procedure that her intestine was perforated. She was placed on life support, and spent the next year recovering. In all, Kaley has battled through 28 surgeries.

Having the twin girls separated during all those hospital stays was difficult for both girls and for Kaley's parents. Fortunately they can now enjoy doing things as a family. After all that Kaley has endured, she continues to be a very joyous and loving child. For the Biggar family, she is both an inspiration and their hero.

Like other parents, Brodie and Vicki Biggar have many dreams for their child. On that list ... the day Kaley will complete her schooling and graduate alongside her twin sister.

Story written by Catherine Urquhart

Images Captured by Jennifer Kapala Photography