Tristan's Story

Images Captured by Squishy Prints

Meet Tiny Light Tristan.  This handsome 16-year-old is smart, funny, and courageous.  He is eager to learn and has developed a passion for cars, world history, and geography.  He enjoys classic rock music, and saw his first two live concerts this year.  Tristan likes to spend his free time reading, going out for dinner, and going to movies.  He has already travelled to ten different countries, and has even gone parasailing!

When Tristan was five years old, he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Since then, he has slowly lost all ability to perform any function that requires muscle use.  He has already been through two major surgeries during which he demonstrated immense courage and never complained.  It has been extremely difficult for his family to watch him go from being able to do things independently to requiring full support.  This, of course, was hard for Tristan, too.  In his father’s words, “As he was
losing the ability to do certain things, his wonder became replaced with fear and it is hard for us all to continually go through the changes.”

With the help of care workers, Tristan’s family will continue to support him as he gets older.  He will be able to get a job that requires talking and possibly computers.  Recently, he has expressed an interest in broadcast journalism so his family is trying to set up some interviews for him to meet people currently working in the field.  Since his diagnosis, Tristan’s family has gone to great lengths to allow him to experience as much as possible.  His father says, “I just want him to live - really live - without
being scared all of the time. I want him to be proud of the great and amazing guy that he is.”

Story by Emily Harrison